Chillout Classic

New look at classical music – Chillout Classic

Baltic String Quartet offers Chillout Classic performances. After hard day working or just to know something new Chillout Classic is the best solution to hear life chamber music in your favourute restaurant. This brand new project has been created due to slow life style promotion.

The Chillout Classic performances will take place every sunday in Miasto Aniołów

at 19.00 h. The ticket price is 65 zl. Fine wine included interchangeably with coffee, tea or juice.

Take your reservation now or make an extraordinary gift.

For more information please contact with

If you prefer loge seating please call 606 42 90 90.

Limited 25 zl tickets are available with own foam mattress. Wine not included.

To reserve please contact with Baltic String Quartet personally.

You can also get tickets in Miasto Aniołów, Chmielna 26, 80-748 Gdansk.