The Baltic String Quartet is perfect solution to emphasize special atmosphere of the ceremony. An acustic sound of four string instruments is the synonym of luxury.

The Baltic String Quartet takes part in anniversaries, family meetings, banquets, glamorous dinners and suppers, openings, promotions, companies meetings, celebrations, markes, parties, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, fashion shows, commerce meetings.

BSQ used to play dwo or three 45 minutes entries. There are small breaks before each entry. This is a good solution to engage a pianist to diversify string quartet’s sound. BSQ cooperates with professional pianists performing improvisations, ragtimes, jazz standarts.

Repertoire is famous classic with attractive quartet arragement, film music, jazz standarts, ragtimes, polkas, tangos and other.

According to order BSQ is in the chair telling short stories about composers and compositions, anecdotes and famous quotes. There are two possibilities of BSQ’s performance: either as a central point of the ceremony or background music.

To arrange special requirements and individual character of the ceremony BSQ prefer to talk over details and adjust everything with scenario.

BSQ performance enhances the ceremony’s significance!